Welcome! What Can You Expect From CodeCurious?

Welcome to CodeCurious! This is a brand new project so thought I'd let you know the types of things I plan to post here:

  1. In-depth explanations and conceptual guides on latest Ruby on Rails tech (e.g. Hotwire, Turbo, Stimulus, Propshaft, Importmaps)
  2. Code-along tutorials for core Rails components, old and new (e.g. Action Mailer, Action Cable, Active Storage)
  3. Quick how-to for common installing/configuring things we all do have to do (e.g. Redis, PostgreSQL)
  4. Cheatsheets - for git, for editors, for command line tools
  5. Quick explanation of Ruby programming language constructs (e.g proc, lambda, block)
  6. History posts on how some technology or programming paradigm has evolved over time (e.g. Modules in Javascript, functional programming)
  7. Some Computer Science topics because I like to see how I can connect theory I learned with practice
  8. Learn along series where I learn new things and share the process (e.g. I would love to write an epic post titled "Design for backend developers" once I learn enough to fill that "I am not designer" gap)
  9. Interviews with fellow software developers. Audio content and screencasts as well.
  10. Lots of code snippets and a library of useful code you can copy/paste

CodeCurious will be mostly about web development, with a focus on Ruby language and Rails framework. But all other languages and tools and all of software engineering is fair game (yes that includes JavaScript).

My goal is to make this place a source of super practical and useful content that deepens your understanding and makes you feel more confident on your programming journey.

If that sounds good to you, join me! Subscribe to receive occasional emails about new posts straight to your inbox (about 1 to 2 per month)!